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Why to apply for IQNet full membership

The Cyprus Certification Company (CCC) is a relatively new organization founded in 2003 and operating in a rather small market, in an evolving country that has nowadays attracted the attention of everyone with regards to the energy potentials of its natural reserves. Cyprus is also found in a very interesting geographical position between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The potential for expanding certification and inspection services as well as relevant training is endless.
The market in Cyprus albeit small, is crowded with certification bodies. The need to expand knowledge, expertise and to compete with everyone else is huge. Being a member of IQNet definitely enhances the marketing power when submitting a proposal and when presenting our organization to interested parties. Being a member of IQNet also upgrades the image of CCC to government bodies and organizations and contributes to the perception of our integrity and independence. 
More importantly, being a member of IQNet, is a passage to an unlimited supply of knowledge, expertise and exchange of ideas and best practices. You become a member of an elite group of like-minded people, a member of a group of the best certification bodies on an international level. This translates to being able to obtain information at a moment’s notice from all around the world. You are immediately treated as one of the elite and the opinion of your certification body contributes towards the greater IQNet strategy that is transferred to and influences all international certification, accreditation and even standardization organizations.
IQNet members are always willing to support you through surveys that help you see what is happening all around you and that help you define your organization’s policy and strategy. In many occasions, you will be able to respond to every certification/ inspection requests, since even if your organization does not provide a certain service, all around you have your IQNet partners that can respond, fill the gaps and service the customer. More importantly, training needs can be met by IQNet directly or through your IQNet partners, who are always approaching certification matters more or less along the same lines as you.
The list of benefits is endless and 5 years since joining IQNet, CCC can certainly claim and prove that being a full member has greatly contributed towards the Company’s strengthening of image and operations and its continuous improvement.

Athina Panayiotou

CCC Director General
CCC Delegate to IQNet

30, Costa Anaxagora Street, 3rd floor
2086 Nicosia