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Social responsibility: Conformity assessment response to market driven efforts

With the rapid development of globalization and informatization, domestic organizations are subject to greater scrutiny by their stakeholders at home and abroad. Labour intensive firms in China are becoming increasingly aware of the needs for and benefits of socially responsible behaviour.
According to media report, China organization social responsibility performance is poor. Exporters are facing pressures of foreign buyers. Some clients approach CQM for SA8000 certification because their buyers require they have to get a SA8000 certificate. Some CQM auditors complained that some firms are not ready for conformity assessment, and don’t know how to improve labour and working conditions. Typical issues are top managers’ indifference, lack of infrastructure, ignorance of legal requirements, overtime work and insufficient training. We all know that these clients’ demand for SA8000 certificate is the results of market drives; however, being a third party service provider, CQM is responsible for fulfilling its social responsibilities.
At initial contact stage, CQM auditors can help potential clients to better understand the principles of social responsibility, to better recognize social responsibility and engaging stakeholders, the core subjects and issues pertaining to social responsibility. By communicating and conducting gap-analysis, social responsibility conformity assessment enable clients increase the social responsibility awareness and legal awareness. We can observe conformity assessment provides confidence to consumers and stakeholders, increasing the certified firms’ competitive advantage and reducing risk of labour-liabilities. Social responsibility conformity assessment will effectively promote the sustainable development of enterprises and harmonious relationship with stakeholders.
Experience has shown the third party conformity assessment is a very good way to enhance credibility of social responsibility based on the trust of stake-holders.
Nowadays China government promotes to establish a healthy and sustainable society. Firm’s operation philosophy must switch to concern social responsibility; it’s not only the external requirements, but also the organization internal needs! More and more Chinese enterprises realized the importance of social responsibility. The third party assessment activities show many years of growth in China. It’s predicted there will be steady need for social responsibility assessment. CQM will do his best to provide trustworthy conformity assessment service.

Xue Bing

CQM Delegate to IQNet

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