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IQNet importance when striving to maintain international engagement

Marketing and trading is a priority in meeting the enormous needs of the nations, where the economic activity, is the most important consequence of the generation of resources. The economic revenue, closely linked to this phenomenon, derives in the rise of the of living conditions, the in-crease in jobs and employment levels and cultural development of our society as well as smaller entities such as companies, multinationals, NGOs, clubs among others, etc. This has been observed for many years and history is a faithful witness of this event.
Countries need to maintain and develop the best trade relations with their peers, in order to con-tribute to the development of their societies. The exponential rise in communications, the opening of markets, the release of previously closed borders, the growing of economic and financial transactions in real time among the grouping of entities in blocks and networks has shaped the dynamic interrelations of our society in what is called "globalization ". Since decades, it has become clear that globalization has helped the rapid development of society, but has also allowed the marketing and trade balance tilts less vulnerable nations.
This block and network formation has developed a variety of agreements between members, allowing them to act jointly and respecting a common goal. The answer and actions made by groups and in one sole voice is more robust, effective and efficient than individually held. Associations of all kinds have been formed throughout our regions, which has promoted the harmonization of criteria in order to act with the same scheme and achieve beneficial results to all participants. Success in establishing these organizations has been reported since the beginning of the modern era, they have been multiplied in all areas of society, as has happened with the UN, NATO, FIFA, EEC, OPEC, WHO, OAS among many more.
Large and small associations have been created, with links to all areas of events. The world of Management Systems has not escaped this trend and this is why our association, IQNet, eager to remain at the forefront on the issues of Certification of Management Systems, has implemented various mechanisms to comply with market demands, while increasing its presence in many countries, harmonizing common answers to customers and suppliers and finally, responding in unison to stake-holders, with evident benefits at the time being and many others imponderables at present, but certainly helpful in next future.  But it must be clear to remember that to be part of elite organizations such as the IQNet network, an unblemished record of performance in the area must be demonstrated, as well as the ability to stay as a partner, meeting all the guidelines of a demanding list of requirements.
The globalization of our activities has affected us both positive and negative, as referred in advance. IQNet, bringing together common desires of its 36 members in 200 branches, has endeavoured to update on what is happening worldwide in its different areas of competence, offering products that promote the development of Management Systems, encouraging the continuous interaction markets, gaining and transferring experiences to those who are not traveling at same speed and generating welfare to all participants. If not for their continuous monitoring of daily operations development of its members, its long permanence in the different markets, the analysis of trends in all these activities and the lobbying in global entities related to the world of Management Systems, it shall be very difficult to remain as a leader in bringing together certification bodies worldwide.
It is for this reason that the marketing and edges, such as the feedback of information between members, the dynamic established in Bern by our headquarters staff and co-certification of Management Systems schemes to third parties by members of IQNet, has been the spark plug that has crystallized its supremacy in international markets. Last but not least, its presence in regional and global entities, harmonization of standards of different origins, the trust generated by belonging to this prestigious partnership and the cooperation and feverish work of its members, has allowed IQNet and its partners in these 25 years to enjoy the benefits generated by the marketing and consolidation of their products beyond their borders.

Jesus Taborda

FONDONORMA Delegate to IQNet

FONDONORMA – Fondo para la Normalización y Certificación de la Calidad
Av. Libertador
Multicentro Empresarial del Este, Ed. Libertador
Nucleo A, Piso 1,
Chacao – Caracas