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As IQNet newest members, what where the main drivers for applying for IQNet membership

As the National Standards Body of Costa Rica, and as a key player in terms of certification bodies in Central America and the Caribbean, INTECO´s goal has always been to learn from the best and to work side by side with the best. Due to this, INTECO has always been looking for new opportunities that can help our country, our clients and our certification body to be more efficient and competitive.
One of the main reasons we decided to join IQNet is because it includes many of the ingredients I just mentioned above, and that I will proceed to explain.
As today, IQNet has 36 of the most prestigious certification bodies, as members. This gives us the opportunity to learn from them by analysing their procedures, to become more efficient. It also gives us the chance to network and make strategic alliances with other partners that have more experience, products and services than we do.
Being a member of IQNet allows us to move to a higher level where our clients see new opportunities like global certification. It gives us the possibility to expand our product portfolio by having access to a growing number of unique and specialist products and services.
Being a member of IQNet gives us the chance to let our stakeholders know that we are allying with a solid and mature Association who recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and whose partners have collectively issued approximately one quarter of all management system certificates worldwide.
Finally, being a member of IQNet is an honour, and a way to demonstrate ourselves that we can be able to be at the same level of the best certification bodies, and to represent with dignity, this Association.

Mauricio Céspedes Mirabelli

Executive Director
INTECO Delegate to IQNet

INTECO - Instituto de Normas Tecnicas de Costa Rica
Apartado Postal: 10004-1000
San José, Costa Rica