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The new ISO9001 and its alignment with the Japanese quality culture

JQA would like to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of IQNet.
JQA joined IQNet in 1994, and since then, IQNet has played a very important role for both JQA and our customers.  This includes the commissioning of audits to IQNet partners of those customers of JQA who expand overseas, the input towards the adoption and development of new products such as IQNet 9004 and SR10, and the gathering of information and promotion of certification bodies such as IAF and ISO CASCO.
On the other hand, JQA has continued to contribute to the growth of IQNet.  We hosted the IQNet General Assembly in Yokohama in 2014, and in the past provided personnel to be SCPM chairperson, SCMD chairperson, and currently a member of IQNet board of directors.  We are also working proactively in the Asian region to hold the biannual IQNet Asia conference for partners in the region. We would like to continue to contribute towards further development of IQNet from now on.
We would like the 2015 edition of the standard to be utilized by our customers as a tool for improving business operations.  Japanese style of quality control, “Monozdukuri”, has had a reputation for being the best in the world.  On the other hand, values and lifestyles among young people in Japan have changed recently, and the number of foreign workers has increased in factories, making it difficult for skilled workers at organizations, especially in the manufacturing industry, to pass on their experience and know-how to young workers.  In the situation, the development and maintenance of QMS based on the 2015 edition, to which new requirements such as "7.1.6 Organizational Knowledge” have been added, is expected to play an important role in fixing this problem. 
We at JQA will continue to contribute to the business activity of our clients by applying new editions of the standard effectively.

Yasuhiro Fukui

Board Director, JQA 

JQA – Japans Quality Assurance Organization
1-25, Kandasudacho,
100-8555 Tokyo