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IQNet relevance in a sector based conformity assessment market

As well as modern enterprises require certification to demonstrate that their products and/or services comply with standards of quality, health, safety and environment, in the same way the certification body should also have such guarantees to support the operation of his Management.
One of the most important benefits of backing up the quality of products and services, through the conformity assessment, according to some standard, lies in the satisfaction of users, which enhances the confidence of society in enterprises, authorities and institutions that support this type of event.
Therefore, IQNet, takes a great commitment, in a sector based conformity assessment market, allowing to have a detailed overview of each conformity assessment that we carry on, as Certification Bodies holding the seal IQNet. The primary goal, and to highlight in this certification scheme, is to provide an effective, competent and professional service through certification experts around the world.
Advantages of the IQNet seal
·         Coordinate international projects of certification
·         Establish a Multilateral recognition of IQNet certificates and audit reports issued by IQNet members, in this way the company that has been assessed by one of the members of IQNet and has been granted a certificate, the rest of the members, recognize this certificate. This allows each IQNet certificate to have, practically, a worldwide recognition.
·         Effective, competent and professional service through certification experts around the world.

Pedro Cano Calderon

General Director
SIGE Delegate to IQNet

SIGE - Sociedad Internacional de Gestión y Evaluación, S.C.
Leibnitz No.1 - Primer Piso,
Col. Anzures
11590 - México D.F.