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Upcoming Buzz? Anti-Bribery MS / ISO 37001

Bribery! Corruption! You hear about it every day, you read about it in the papers or internet; Some of you may have seen concrete evidence of it around you. Bribery, and public perception of bribery, erodes trust in governments and businesses. It is a "Global Disease", which slowly infects millions of citizens around the world. Globalization has entered a new phase, posing greater challenges for Anti Bribery compliance than before.
Two trends are driving these changes.
First, a growing number of governments around the world are tightening Anti Bribery regulations or introducing new laws. Enforcement agencies are working together to stem corruption. International companies must therefore create a strategy of compliance that is not only global but also takes account of national differences in regulations.
Second, as companies globalize their operations, supply chains become stretched. Corporations rely more heavily on third parties than before to do business in far-flung parts of the world, often in areas where there is a high risk of corruption. Anti-Bribery considerations are accorded too low a priority by companies preparing to acquire, or merge with other corporations across borders.  A top-down risk assessment would help companies set priorities, but executives admit that an Anti-Bribery risk assessment is one of their companies' top challenges.
Due to the situation detailed above, the importance of it, and my own concerns, I was glad when BSI initiated ISO process for a new Standard, ISO 37001, based on a British Standard.
I was privileged to be amongst the "founders" of the PC278 Technical Committee, and part of the "Movers & Shakers", under the direct supervision of Mr. Niell Stansbury, which reached a "political" agreement between the USA and the UK, as to which path the Standard will stride.
Since then, we made progress, indeed. The Technical Committee (PC278) has almost reached the last stage for ISO 37001. We are now close to the DIS. The Committee held 4 meetings, in London, Madrid, Paris and Kuala Lumpur. In parallel, we acted successfully on behalf of IQNet, to increase its involvement in this great important task.
Today, (I represent SII as a P member, and IQNet as a Liaison), IQNet has become an integral part in creating a new Global reality.

And now, a little about the ISO 37001 Standard:
·         The Standard enables an organized "war" against Corruption and Bribery.
·         The Standard requires the organizations to stimulate various methods of Risk Assessment to evaluate the giving and accepting of bribes.
·         The Standard requires the organizations to initiate various managerial methods to reduce risks.
·         The Standard requires the organizations to exploit control programs to discover the giving or accepting of bribes.
The potential application of the Standard:
·         Large companies
·         Large associations (such as football, philanthropic organizations, etc.)
·         Local authorities
·         Government offices
We hope that this Standard will be formalized soon, and IQNet will be the leader for its implementation worldwide.

Eli Cohen-Kagan

Director, Quality & Certification Division
Advisor to the IQNet Board of Directors

SII - The Standards Institution of Israel Quality & Certification Division
42 Chaim Levanon St.
Tel Aviv 69977