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The IQNet certificate: more than a co-certificate

When a customer receives an IQNet certificate as a co-certificate to the one issued by local certification body, it means that they have become a member of a large international group of companies that have something in common – IQNet and its benefits. The IQNet “community” includes 37 certification bodies, more than 300.000 issued certificates representing 25% of world’s share of all issued certificates for management systems, more than 40 accreditations and more than 17.000 auditors. Being certified by IQNet partner and receiving an IQNet certificates means customer is certified once, but its certificate is accepted everywhere. All IQNet certificate holders can find themselves in the IQNet Database of Registered Organisations.
So far IQNet certificates were issued only for Management Systems. In the future also participants of various trainings offered by IQNet partners, will receive an IQNet training certificate. This will enable even wider recognition of IQNet brand.
IQNet certificate helps companies in their business cooperation as it offers trust through credibility of SIQ and international recognition of IQNet partners. This is even more important if the certification body and certified company are coming from small economy and companies have to fight hard to show their quality. IQNet certificate gives additional value to the recognition of our client’s management system certificate. The reason for international recognition is that members of IQNet have signed the IQNet Multi-Lateral Agreement, which means that they mutually recognize various certificates for Management Systems Assessments of other IQNet partners as being equivalent to their own.
For SIQ issuing an IQNet certificate in addition to their own, means we can demonstrate inclusion in international Network of certification bodies, where knowledge and wide experience are shared among the partners. By issuing IQNet certificate SIQ competes equally with other multinational competitors.
Confidence in IQNet certificates is based on regular and rigorous peer evaluations of IQNet partners. The findings and outcomes of peer evaluations are discussed every year on General Assembly of IQNet.

Ana Pribaković Borštnik, M.Sc.

Director Management Systems Assessment Department
SIQ Delegate to IQNet

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