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Future challenges for IQNet membership

IQNet as the leading network of certification bodies in the world requires the maintenance of a high standard from all its partners. This standard is enforced through a rigorous peer evaluation process and a very selective new membership acceptance policy. While accreditation is a core requirement from all the partners, we go further through the maintenance of a periodical peer review process coupled with best practice evaluations performed by IQNet recognized auditors.
Between al our partners IQNet has a vast global coverage, but we always are looking to find new potential members that share the same values and high standards as the rest of the network. The challenge for us is to keep scouting the new emerging markets and try to identify those organizations that can meet our strict requirements. Finding the right partner is a key element in strengthening the network and expanding our global partner coverage.
Some of the key issues we take in consideration when looking for a new candidate member are credibility, reputation and integrity, position in the market, competences and technical expertise. Only when the organization meets all these requirements can become an IQNet candidate and start the evaluation process for membership.
This process is necessary to ensure the quality of the new members and to assure IQNet will maintain its reputation and credibility in the market.
Given the evermore increasing regulatory complexity and requirements in the conformity assessment field, IQNet is in a unique position to provide its new partners with an environment for knowledge exchange and technical expertise. This is one of the many benefits that IQNet can offer to all incoming members through the cooperation mechanisms that are set in place. Providing continuously support and growth opportunities for partners is the main proposition and challenge that IQNet will have to address in the future.

Alex Stoichitoiu

SRAC Executive Director
IQNet Vice-President
SRAC Delegate to IQNet

14 Vasile Parvan Street, Sector 1 010216