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International recognition argument in highly competitive environments

Russia is acknowledged as a market economy and due to the need on integrating into global processes it has joined the World Trade Organization in 2014.
Development of the market mechanisms in Russia since the end of the XX century has led to the increased competition. In this new environment weak uncompetitive Russian companies have lost their market and means of further survival, while strong competitive companies gained the additional leverages to protect their interests and even managed to become export-oriented. This was achieved by improving efficiency and competitiveness through providing the required high quality of products and services, as well as stability of their supplies.
Many Russian companies has shown the increased interest to the management systems certification against the internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and others, which would have allowed demonstrating compliance with the highest international standards to their foreign customers and partners.
However, due to the fact that Russia's accreditation system was lacking a formal international recognition, Russian companies were forced to address different certification bodies at the same time for multiple confirmation of compliance. At the end of the 90s of the last century and the early 2000s many of the large companies certified by "Test-St. Petersburg" Co. Ltd. had to simultaneously apply for certification in 2, 3 or even 5 different certification bodies in Russia and abroad.
In order to solve this problem "Test-St. Petersburg" Co. Ltd. has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing certification systems, as well as associations and organizations, which assistance would allow a radical change in the situation on the Russian market. And the search has resulted in finding the IQNet Association - authoritative, professional and internationally recognized organization.
After a thorough assessment of "Test-St. Petersburg" Co. Ltd. performed by the IQNet experts in 2002 our CB became the first Russian Partner of the Association. This status has allowed providing an opportunity for our clients to receive IQNet certificates of a unified international standard in addition to our own certificate, as well as the right to use the IQNet conformity mark – an exclusive logo, known worldwide as a symbol of the high quality level of management and competence. Thus, many of our clients were able to reallocate and optimize their costs on maintaining multiple certification, which led to the increased loyalty to "Test-St. Petersburg" Co. Ltd. and to the IQNet Association.
Active participation of "Test-St. Petersburg" Co. Ltd. in various activities of IQNet allows us and our customers using the most up-to-date tools and products for development and enhancement.
Obviously, the entry of "Test-St. Petersburg" Co. Ltd. to the IQNet Association was not the final point of our work, but one of its important stages. Partnership within IQNet gives us a great opportunity to carry out mutual activities together with the leading foreign certification bodies - IQNet Partners - on a unique common platform, based on the harmonized standards and requirements, which allows achieving the recognition and credibility of the results of our work in Russia and worldwide.

Irina G. Okrepilova

Doctor of Economics, professor
General Director of
TEST - St. Petersburg Co. Ltd.

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